We’re M2 and being M2 means Self Reliance. Our reason for existence is self-reliance, we do this through training and other business activities. Each day we spend with the learner, we ask ourselves how can we make that time effective for the learner.
However, self-reliance does not just end with our learners, clients and the staff but also the communities we operate in. We spend some of our profit to make a living of these communities better. Since 2014, below are some of the corporate social investments programmes we’ve been part of:

In our Bursary programme, we have used an amount of R 1 080 000.00 and sponsored 10 learners to become artisans. This money included their stipends for a period of 3 years. We’re proud to say today these learners, are fulfilling the very reason for our existence since they are working for different companies as Artisans. Today they can proudly explain what it means to M2 by their transformed lives.

In 2017, we have sponsored the Eyasa “Nyaope Must Fall” campaign and the sponsorship amount was in a total value of R 50 000.00. This campaign is to help reduce and eradicate the scourge of drug abuse.

In 2017 Through our cool birthday celebration campaign, our CEO bought full school uniform for 36 kids to celebrate his 36th birthday. This triggered some of our staff to follow suit, we believe in giving the little we have to empower those we can. We’re already planning the 37th

We are also active in applying for SETA’s discretionary grants for community members who can not afford our fees to also participate in our learning programmes. We’re currently building classes for a primary school called Vulamasango in Kanyamazane a township outside Nelspruit in the Mpumalanga Province. In Cala a small town in the Eastern Cape, we’re building school toilets.

The above are just a few community projects we’re part of. For more projects, kindly follow us on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates and testimonials of what it means to be M2.